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Underwater Repairs

Civil Engineering

Oriental Oceans Diving Engineering Co.,Ltd has supported clients and contractors in the civil engineering industry for over a decade providing a first class service and at an affordable cost. With the skills and capability to perform a diverse range of marine activities, from underwater welding, cutting and burning to inspection, repairs, scour protection, installation and demolition of marine and inland water structures.

Oriental Oceans Diving Engineering Co.,Ltd also has a wealth of experience providing diver dredging systems for silt clearance in ports, harbours, marinas, culverts, canals and inland waterways across the UK. With over 10 years of experience in this sector we can ensure an efficient service to the client and a project that will be on time and within budget.


Salvage & rescue

Oriental Oceans Diving Engineering Co.,Ltd Commercial Diving Services has extensive experience supplying support dive teams to salvage companies on both small and major projects. Oriental Oceans Diving Engineering Co.,Ltd do not only assist the larger salvage companies on major projects but also support many marinas, ports and harbours across the CHINA locating and recovering sunken vessels of all shapes and sizes from small yachts to large motor cruisers

Our salvage and rescue diving teams are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for emergency salvage and recovery operations anywhere in the world

Our salvor divers undertake recovery operations worldwide, executing each operation to minimise any further damage to the vessel or surrounding environment

Oriental Oceans Diving Engineering Co.,Ltd Commercial divers can assist you with the following salvage and recovery services:

Search and recovery of vessels

Ship lightening and fuel removal work

Wreck removal

The use of fully certified air lift recovery systems

Seabed and debris clearance and leveling

Hydraulic Tooling, including Underwater Chainsaw


Oriental Oceans Diving Engineering Co.,Ltd offer emergency services and repair work to shipping agencies and owners alike. The service is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week

When damage to any vessel occurs time is usually critical. Therefore speedy, professional support is vital in order to return the vessel to productive duty in the quickest possible time

Oriental Oceans Diving Engineering Co.,Ltd offer the following services


CCTV Surveys

Photographic Surveys

Class surveys, LR, ABS, BV,DNVGL,NK,KR,CCS approved

Assessing damage

Change of ownership

Assessment of Anti-fouling paint systems

General Inspections of Hulls, Plating, Welding, Water Intakes, Propellers, Rudders, Thrusters and Bilge keels

Assessment of general Hull condition and/or damage for classification society approval

UT readings. Plate thickness

Tail shaft and pintle readings


 Ship Repair

Installation of cofferdams

Blanking of overboard discharges, sea water inlets

Crack arrests

Sealing Stern Tube Glands

Anode installation and replacement

Underwater damage repair, Welding, cutting and burning

NDT testing

Propeller repairs


Hull Cleaning

Flatbottom Cleaning

Vertical sides Cleaning

Bilge keels Cleaning

Sea Chest Cleaning

Propeller Cleaning&Polishing

Rudder Cleaning

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